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PowerApps ability to work with existing SharePoint libary of published InfoPath forms

To whom it may concern,

I have seen how a PowerApps application can be built to access a SharePoint customised list.  I have also seen a tutorial on how to create a PowerApps web form that replicates an existing InfoPath form.


My understanding is that PowerApps is being promoted as a replacement for InfoPath.  To me, this means it should be possible

  • to create a PowerApps web form from an existing SharePoint library of published InfoPath forms, and
  • therefore be able to read existing/create new forms in that library, using the PowerApps web form.


Otherwise, if I just replicate the existing InfoPath form in PowerApps, sure I'll be able to create new data, but I'll be stuck with more than 2,000 unreadable InfoPath forms.

Thanks in advance,

Nik Nikoliev.

Status: New