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PowerApps and Azure Active Directory Attributes (including extension attributes)

Not all the Azure AD attributes can be used in PowerApps. The O365 Users connector is limited in what it surfaces.  This is a real impediment to developing custom apps in SharePoint Online.  Currently, I can add additional (extension attributes) properties to the User Profile Service using the PnP solution, and with InfoPath retrieve extension attributes to populate a form. However, if the direction by Microsoft is to replace InfoPath with PowerApps, then it's critical to provide an avenue to inspect all the same AD properties I can access in an on-prem environment.  The properties exist in Azure AD, why is there a limitation as to which ones can be queried?  Why should companies be forced to consider evaluating the added costs of monthly subscritions to third-party connectors when the data is already there? At least allow the O365 connector to surface all extension attributes as well as ALL commonly used properties, NOT a subset. Or, allow a simplified way for someone to inherit from the O365 Connector and build their own to include the additional AD attributes they need included. I couldn't find an example of a custom connector that was created to expose AD extension attributes for consumption by PowerApps / Flow. Any alternate suggestions are welcome.


A cross post on the graph api addresses the same issue.

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Indeed! This is a real problem for me also, working on a PowerApps solution for a customer. Thanks for posting!

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We have an option using HTTP request but to do so, we need to pay a P1 for all users! 😞

We need a free solution from Microsoft especially because all the customers that have custom extention attributes are already paying for a AAD P2... So why paying again a P1 to use them in PowerApps and Flow?!

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Even from the Public Sector this feature would be invaluable to fully use a single source of information for Hybrid clients. We already can do Dynamic Groups using these, we should be able to refrence them in PowerApp's as well.

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This needs more votes... C'mon MS...