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PowerApps (and Flow) Certification

Currently Microsoft offers the MCSA: BI Reporting certification to measure Power BI (and Excel BI) skills. But for PowerApps no such certification exists. As PowerApps and Flow become more of an independent solution, capable of interacting with more than 250 services, it seems reasonable to create a seperate certification that measures these specific skillsets. Somehow, if you are a PowerApps or Flow Ninja you do not have anything to show for it.


We cannot expect the ordinary Power User, who is the primary focus of the Business Application Platform, to earn a SharePoint certification to proof that he or she is capable in PowerApps. That would seem quite unlogical. And secondly, a lot of Power Users use PowerApps in combination with 3rd party services other then SharePoint.

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Great idea

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Wel, I came to discover that the Model-Driven PowerApps topics are being covered in the MCSA: Dynamics 365 Examination...


And although PowerApps and Dynamics 365 share a common layer, I still think PowerApps should get his own Certification. It does not make any sense to expect an App Maker to certify on Dynamics or SharePoint to show that he or she is capable of making good apps.





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I definitely think this is a good idea, as both flow and powerapps become more capable services within the 365 stack, I think there should be a certifcation that would show your expertise in such areas, especially if Microsoft plans on keeping these around for a while (and seeing how they're just now in their infancy, I would assume this applies).

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Our technical team is very keen to gain a deeper understanding of the Power Platform. Learning is spread across many assets and portals which is a shame. The team are also coming to terms with the badge concept and I think its time Microsoft organised an MCSA and MCSE badge for the Power Platform. This may drive alot more capability in the channel. 

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Yes, it would be really nice to see a PowerApps specific cert.


Maybe Microsoft will give us something with the new "Role-based Certifications"

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( Replied to wrong thread Smiley Happy )

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UPDATE: Microsoft OpenEdX released the Power Platform learning resources. These courses are covered in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core Exam (MB-200). So if you take this exam, you have a "Power Platform" Certificate...sort of




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There seems to be a certificate/exam coming, at least there is already a lab for it:

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Indeed. I just read on another site that actually 2 certifications will be released
MB-400 PowerApps and Dynamics 365 Developer (Nov-Dec 2019)

MB-600 Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Solutions Architect (Feb 2020)

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Totally agree powerapps deserves a certification.