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PowerApps as Office Add-ins

Allow power apps to be used as apps in Office Applications, similar to "New Meeting Poll" or "My Analytics" in outlook where the app will be able to get context of the window, and users can read or write, upload, approve, start a flow etc from various Office applications in an app that they can design and build in power apps.



I receive an email and I want to send the contents, including sender name and email address, to a SharePoint list (Similar to email enabled library). The power app could pull out the required information from the email, add some required metadata and send it to the desired SharePoint list.




I want to compose a document with product information based on products in my Dynamics Organization or SQL Database. I can use the app to lookup Products and simply paste content that I discover in the app.




I work on an IT Service desk and someone sends me an email rather than submitting a ticket through the appropriate form. I capture the information in Outlook rather than moving between windows, and start a flow that will generate the ticket on the user's behalf.


Status: New