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PowerApps builder in Visual Studio

Would love to see the ability to design PowerApps forms in Visual Studio or something similar - would be great for editing more advanced/complex forms, and have the ability to set up the design surface that best suits individual designers.  It would also give us a decent code editor.  The whole "Office UI" paradigm (with the "File" backstage) is great for Word and Excel, but clunky and not really developer friendly.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

Yes, PowerApps builder in Visual Studio is a must for developing high-end complex form designs that's never possible with the existing UI design. This will provide great boost for Visual Studio and PowerApps both.

Level: Power Up

That's probably never going to happen given the audience for powerapps is the power user/citzen developer. 


Have you looked at Azure Logic Apps in Visual Studio? PowerApps is Azure Logic Apps under the hood, so is kind of the "complex" powerapps you're asking for already.