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PowerApps file size limits when uploading to Sharepoint/Blob etc.

Business Requirement: To upload files as submission for approvals and other business engagements from Power Apps to backend repositories like Sharepoint and/or Azure Blob  etc. File size can range from 50 MB to 5 GB.


Limitation: Power Apps allows only uploads of file sizes upto 50 MB. Also there is 1 minute timeout when uploading files, so on large file sizes or poorer network the operation times out.


Need: Please increase the file size upload limit to at least 1 GB and remove the timeout completely if possible else give a larger timeout window say around 5 mins to 8 mins or so.


It would be great if you could take this up asap; it can open a wider range of applications for PowerApps and enables businesses even more.



Kishore Chakravarty(Power Platform Developer).

Status: New
Advocate I

50MB for modern media is very low. Please increase.