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PowerApps fx function bulder.

Writing complex functions are very difficult, why not adding a function builder tool to help on that.

Status: Planned

You'll be happy to know that many enhancements are in planning which involve ease of use in the area of FX functions. We will keep you posted as they evole.


Thank you very much for your feedback, and continued patience as we work to enhance your experience,



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I agree, for all the marketing 'Build without Code', you still need to build formula's in order to achieve functionality.

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Thanks for the feedback. There are various approaches to getting the right expressions, I am trying to understand when a function builder would be needed.


1. Would you use this for one line expressions where you are binding controls to behaviour e.g. take a picture and show it in gallery, submit a form, format a control style etc. or is this for complex cases where there are multiple statements in an expression box?


2. If there was a library of pre-defined expressions instead of a function builder, would that be sufficient?




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A sample library would definitely help. I find myself having to close my App, open a template App to find out how to build a formula, then close the template and reopen my App again. A little tedious.


I come from a VS Lightswitch background, not from Excel.

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when it comes to heavy calculation which contains many different processes and expresions, a separate function will help a lot because we can just params and get result in return. Without seperate function, we have to use the same set of expressions for related components.

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I would love to be able to add line breaks and indentation to my more complicated formulas. I already do this for complicated Excel formulas too. I agree that adding more functions would reduce the complexity of formulas. For example, you'd make my day if you could create a function that would allow updating selected columns in a collection.
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           I 100% with what Graham has said.

for all the marketing 'Build without Code', you still need to build formula's "

" I come from a VS Lightswitch background, not from Excel "

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Agree - We were really disappointed to find out about all the formula writing.  Even if you understand Excel well, not all the concepts carry over.  Too much guess work with formulas.  Who's idea was that?  Microsoft should make it more like InforPath with ribbon buttons and so on...

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I am very new to this and am trying to learn as I go here.  I have added ratings to a scorecard I created and would like to have a button that caluclates the total number of stars in 4 rating controls.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi tmanis,


Welcome to the PowerApps community.


You can access the value of a Rating control using the Value property (Rating1.Value). You can add these together using standard notation (Rating1.Value + Rating2.Va... + Rating4.Value)


Once you set the value of a textbox to a formula like the above, it will automatically calculate the value for you without the need for a button. In PowerApps, buttons are more suited to dealing with variables. If you've ever dealt with WinForms this paradigm will probably take a bit of getting used to. Learn more about this here


One last thing - I'd gently recommend for a start that you post questions like this in the Forum Section, this thread is in Ideas...



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Thanks so much for the help and re-direct!  I'll move over to the Forum Section.