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PowerApps must also see SQL Azure Queries, not only Tables

On making the connection, I only see Tables, not Queries. This cannot be workable as Tables usually have many IDs and IDs are meaningless, Connection to Queries is a must: same as Excel and Power BI.

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Status: Completed

 Using SQL Views in PowerApps is now available.  See the blog to find out more:

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This is pretty much essential to be able to interact with any well designed database.  Without it the ability to interact with many-to-many type relationships becomes ridiculously difficult unless all the data keeps within the 500 record limit.




Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned
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definitely needed.

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I can't believe this is even a request. It seems this is such a clear need that I'm surprized it's not already implimented. This connection is useless without access to views and stored procedures.

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@AllenB, welcome to the new world of Minimum Viable Products 🙂


I agree fella, I hope they hurry up with this, it should have been part of release 1.

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Throwing out my two cents, we need views!

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Views and Stored Procedures. Not only in Azure but in on Premise MSSQL and also for the Oracle connector

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most of our analysis is using SQL views so we need PowerApps to support SQL on premise views otherwise PowerApps wont be of us to us. thanks

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Seriously?  Only tables? 

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Great to see that MS plans to make it possible to use views from SQL. Any idea about timing? When will this be available?