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PowerApps must also see SQL Azure Queries, not only Tables

On making the connection, I only see Tables, not Queries. This cannot be workable as Tables usually have many IDs and IDs are meaningless, Connection to Queries is a must: same as Excel and Power BI.

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 Using SQL Views in PowerApps is now available.  See the blog to find out more:

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Hello archanan,


I'm sorry for the late response, I've been hiking in a place without internet connection.


CRUD would certainly come in useful and I would find a use for it for sure but it would not be essential for me. Read-only scenarios however, are essential to my application.

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Giving the EOL of Silverlight and the Microsoft advise to use PowerApps, indeed better database inintegration (lookups, paging of large datasets, views, stored procedures etc) is a must.

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This is critical!

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Read only would work for me. I need to download filtered data to local storage (many related tables). With that data updated I should be able to update the tables in the datasource with the new bulk update.

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There really should be both (meaning CRUD). Moreover, as the original poster has suggested, we need the same capacity to manage the data sources as is in PowerBI.


The issue I've run into just now is that I want to use two tables, each located in a separate database, yet PowerApps - through not letting me specify a query or relationship prior to pulling the data, is trying to pull over two millions rows where only 200 are required. That's just not practical, and in not being able to use views, not even addressable in either read or CRUD format.


At this point in time, on-premise SQL just isn't usable for anything I can think of as we don't have any one application that works entirely from a single table. I'd be surprised if anyone does.




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Having access to SQL Server views is a must have feature in my opinion
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Agreed...views are a must!
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The ability to write queries is also imperative in order to narrow the dataset.
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Spent an hour putting togehter an app and find out no views or more importantly Stored Procedures...

Cant use with out it... I specidically use it to get only relevant sales data and nearest nth accounts from a location (Lat/Log) point





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I think you can now call stored procedures via Microsoft Flow, that you can easily call from PowerApps...