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PowerApps roadmap

Please provide a product road map for PowerApps with what features will be available when. This way we know not to build something custom if it is coming at a future time.

Status: Completed

We now have all of our planned features available for people to review here: 

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Need Info

We understand your idea and usually provide a "what's coming soon" segment in most public presentations and webinars (such as those at Ignite this year). We are attempting to remain as Agile as possible though, which means we will adjust our plans if our customers need us to. So our priority will always be the voice of the customer today.


Please feel free to Direct Message me if you have any particular business goals you'd like to vet/discuss in advance. We want to make ourselves available to help you to mitigate risks in this area.


Thank you.



Level 10
Still would be nice to have a website that MS lists all upcoming features and add enough details so we know and don't go deep design things which are possibly planned to become drag and drop.
Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
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Thank you Audrie for reviewing this request. Will reach out if there is something in particular.

Level: Power Up

Any update on this?


Level: Power Up

It will be great to have the road map on the Office 365 road map,and update the coming features there, as other teams like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Exchange do. 


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I agree as Id like to know how much attention to give this product. Has potential but serious limitations for real robust usage.

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Given how quickly development is occurring, even a 6 month to 1 year horizon would be beneficial.

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Yes will be good customers as well that we can tell them when these new features will be released. 


Super User

It will be nice to have this in hands, to see what is comming. It is quite hard to follow statuses here.