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PowerApps running in the background

It would be a good idea to allow apps to continue running in the background while the user has another application opened or his phone is sleeping. With that, the applications can continue their calculations and we can send him notifications when needed.

Status: New
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Great idea. I have a requirement to capture a driver's location in the background while he's navigating using google maps.

Helper V

I need this functionality because I have an app with a timer running with an alarm when the timer ends. The problem is that the end user might be looking at a webpage and when they do that, the timer stops timing. 

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Hello to all.

Any developments on this?

It's almost 2 years since posted.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi All,


Do you know if there is any update?

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not at all... 😞

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Oh 😔


I need this function to submit data that was stored when the app was working offline, but since it could be a lot of pictures, it can take time 😞