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PowerApps should support MORE touch gestures.

PowerApps should support touch gestures.

PowerApps can be deployed to IOS and Android.  

However, it only supports one touch gesture.

currently only tap (click) is supported.

no double-click. no long press. no swipe left. no swipe right.


please refer to this:



Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
New Member

hi @Audrie-MSFT 

any update to share on this?


Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Hello  @Audrie-MSFT,

No status change for over a year?

Looks like many post about basic fonctionnality are abandonned...

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I wonder if there's not an update because they are tackling these individually somewhere else? Regardless, these would be very handy to have access to for app building.

Helper III

I have complex app to show lot of statistical data. There is lot of trouble on mobile device which I cannot have bigger fonts.


It will be good this feature is available ASAP.

Advocate I

I see a strong need for double clicking not only on the mobile versions of apps but also on traditional desktop versions of apps to provide greater flexibility to app makers.

Helper II

This is so needed...

Helper I

I find it horribly disappointing that a standard development function is still not supported.  The swipe right,left, up, and down function has been in most development functions for years.  


Has MIcrosoft given up on PowerApp development and enhancements? 

Helper II

Atleast the basic swipe functions should be there, that limits a lot of functionlity. Please make this happen! 🙂

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Pretty cool idea