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PowerApps table selection limit

We have a database that exceeds the current number of tables that can be returned by the search when building a SQL connector in PowerApps. 


It would be nice to have the ability to manually enter a table name, or some other ability to select the tables outside of the limit.

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This is very important and necessary.



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I'm running into the same problem with the ORACLE connector.  I'm not able to access all the tables in

my database.....

Any one come up with a solution or workaround for this.  

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There are a couple of workarounds that I am playing with, neither of which are ideal.


1. Configure permissions at a table level for a specific service account and restrict it to only the tables that are  required for your specific PowerApp.  If you require more than the limit of tables, you may have to create multiple accounts for different connection points.


2. Configure some sort of method for your data to be replicated to another database (in our case a SQL Trigger) and then somehow processed back into the source database.  This is the method we are currently leaning towards as we ran into some other issues regarding SQL defined required fields which are not required via our software.  Once a field is required by SQL and you are using a SQL connector via PowerApps you cannot have is as an optional field in PowerApps (Not sure if Oracle has the same restriction).


Hopefully one of these solutions will help

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MS Flow provides a "Enter Custom Value" option in the Oracle related actions, why not add this functionality to Power Apps?
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Yes this would be great! I have an oracle database that I need to see all the tables for. Currently I can only see the first 512 tables. It would be awesome to have all the tables availble. 

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I used the following workaround:


1. Create a new user on the Oracle DB

2. Grant SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE rights on tables that you want to use in PowerApps for this user

3. Create a new connection in PowerApps for this user

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I have an Oracle user account with 4300 tables (!!!).  I'm trying to get the dba to reduce that, but meanwhile I can't get at the tables I need to access via PowerApps or Flow (too far down in the result set)...