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PowerApps to connect to Microsoft Access

Could Microsoft support PowerApps connection to Microsoft Access (online)? 




Isaiah A.

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Access Web Apps have been deprecated and are being turned off on October 1, 2018.  Here is the announcment from last year.  As has been pointed out on this thread, the backing store for AWAs is SQL Azure and you can obtain the SQL connection strings through the Access client.  


I have created a PowerShell script to make it easier to migrate AWA data (retains relationships, imports images, handles primary names, etc) to CDS available at


You can also obtain the .dacpac file for an AWA by saving out the database as a Snapshot file from within Access.  Instructions are available here.


At this time, there are no plans for PowerApps to connect to Access Desktop databases (.accdb files).  You can use the on-premises gateway to import data from these files to CDS.  There are many tools available for moving Access Desktop database data to SharePoint or SQL, a common location where both Access Desktop and PowerApps can connect to the data.




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Although I have not connected as you stated, I just wanted to let you know that the instructions that you provided has actually opened a new avenue for me. I am currently writing some application in Access Web app. I plan to connect t the same database (SQL Azure) with PowerApps for certain usage within PowerApps. Once again, thank you for the information. There are too many things going on today that it doesn't take long for anyone to get "compfused." I really appreciate your submission. It has really open to me a lot of possibilities. 



Isaiah A. 

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Did you notice the comment below with this work around?


Hopefully this is coming soon. In the meantime, there is a (very) indirect way. If you have Access 2013 (or A2016), you can create an Access Web App. When you do this, your tables are automatically ported into SQL Azure (hosted by Microsoft). And a browser web app somewhat emulating your table structure is also created, but that's not important here. So ... you now have an SQL Azure back end which mimics your Access db (tables). You can connect to this back end in a Power App ... I've done this. You will also need (pretty sure) an Office 365. If you get an O365 account with Click To Run Office (including Access), you are good to go.

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The indirect way eventually connects to a table, and connecting to a table in MS AWA (Azure SQL) is meaningless without connecting to queries, also without having related data control
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Indeed Yahya, Microsoft is lacking in usability very often, and in this case Access. They lack time and time again. Like the Access Web App. When I first tried it, I was very disappointed by the lack of functionality. It's a very poor attempt to get Access online. With Access Client it is very easy to create all kinds of applications due to the easy query builder - with consistently terrible SQL editor, for years - macro builder, and of course, most important, the VBA possibilities.
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Azure database will also be deleted on 2018 if this database is created using access web app right? if so there is no case just to use that connection because will be deleted, i am right?

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would like this feature too!

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Please add this connector. Thank you.


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Access web app is being retired.  Microsoft no longer supports it, correct??

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Correct. Go PowerApps, I recommend plan P2 so you have CDS
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Thank you, Yahaya. Quick questions - Access could handle lotss of rows....Do you know if CDS has the same capability? Also, are there any filtering limitations on the number of rows on CDS.