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PowerAppsID avaliability

It'll be great if PowerApps application will be able to send PowerAppsID (Row ID in Flow term) to Flow, for performing Flow action only on one row, instead of searching within multiple rows.


- powerapps app generates row, updates data in Excel file

- powerapps initiates Flow, that gets data in multiple variables (like ID, name, smth else)

- flow reads that data and performs actions that depends on one of the variables

- flow searches for needed row for updates in field 'update' by comparing multiple variables within whole file or skips amount of rows

- flow searches for row by Row ID that was sent by PowerApps

Status: New
New Member

Hi, great idea.  I'd be really glad to know how you managed to perform the step in red.  Are you able to elaborate?  Did you do a "Get Rows", then process each row until you found the one you wanted and updated that one?  Thanks, Blair