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PowerApss does not support folders in SharePoint lists when creating new items

Currently, when you create a new item using a SharePoint list customized form, PowerApps does not support list folders. Meaning, it is always created at the root level of the list regardless of the folder you are in when you create it.

To avoid the 5000 limit of items in lists, when often use folders. But if PowerApps cannot place newly created items in folders... well it's useless.

So, if you could please provide PowerApps with the support of folders, it'd be great.


Status: Started

Assuming that document libaries are the target for folders here, and not lists (since SharePoint Lists do not support folders), the work is started. I don't have an estimated release date yet, but will keep updating this item as the work progresses.


Thank you,


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Do we have an ETA on when folders will be supported in Document libraries.


I see the work has started, but no ETA yet.





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@Audrie-MSFT @FilipK 
Any updates on this? You've been working on it for 2 years now.

I'm looking for a solution, especially for creating items inside subfolders using a Power Apps form

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@Audrie-MSFT @FilipK 

Hi, still no update and no infos? And not working in SharePoint. SharePoint Ticket was closed, because its per design to save in root folder on SharePoint Lists. Is there any news?


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Since PowerApps does not support creating items in list folders, users of a list who do not have the permissions to add items at the root level, but have Contribute permissions on a folder cannot actually add items if the list uses a PowerApps form. Even worse, they are allowed to open a new item form, but submitting the form fails without giving them a reason.