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PowerPoint Connector - Custom PowerPoint Slide Assembly

I would love to have the ability to pull slides from separate PowerPoint files (like in a SharePoint Online list or some other document library) and assemble or combine slides from separate files into one slide deck that a user can download.


Here is the scenario:

A presenter has to deliver a presentation.  The topics vary for what the presenter has to cover.  The marketing department has already created content around the topics and published them internally at the company for employees to use in their conversations with customers.  The marketing department also wants to avoid users from showing outdated/irrelevant content as well as prevent inconsistent messaging across their organizations.


By using a PowerApp, the presenter could "shop" for the topics that need to be covered via a PowerApp.  And, once the user has selected the topics to cover, the content could be assembled by combining these slides into a single deck that will always contain the most up-to-date content, the most relevant topics, and saves the presenters time from having to develop their own content or search for decks across the company.

Essentially, do what you can do with VBA (

Status: New