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PowerShell Cmdlet to Move App to Different Env.


Since there is NO WAY for an organization to control which environment new app makers are dropped into, please provide a PowerShell Cmdlet to allow admins to move apps to a given env. 


- New app maker is dropped into Default env. 

- They create an app that connects to On-Prem data (no no)

- Admin runs PowerShell Cmdlet to move the app to the "Dev" environment where no On-Prem access is available


- Create a PowerShell Cmdlet that allows admins to dictate which connectors are available to a given env!!!

Example (con't from above):

- Via a Cmdlet, the Dev Env only has "turned on" Sharepoint, Office365, etc. connectors for the Dev env. 

- Now users can actually play without disrupting our entire governance model!!


Status: New