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PowerShell Cmdlet to publish/deploy the form to different/same environment

It would be nice to have the ability to create/publish the App from one environment to another( similar to what Import/Export package does).


This is would help save a lot of time in moving the apps from Dev/QA/UAT to PROD. Also it might be easier for the support team to just execute the scripts and have the scripts do the work rather than them doing the steps manually(it would be really difficult for someone wihtout Powerapps knowledge to follow the Import/Export and the Connectors/Flow configuration steps).


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Exporting and Importing a PowerApp 

Import/Export apps using powershell 

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Yes, export and import functions in powershell would be great.

If this could be done for PowerApps and Flow that'd be great.

Plus if we could have the admin cmd part as well so 

New-AdminFlow -user $userrecieveingflow -app C:\pathtoexportflow (or url for flow?) -Name "new flow name"

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I strongly support this. It would allow us to create a CI/CD pipeline on top of our PowerApps ... it is not really possible now 😞

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I support this too, I cant believe its not implemented yet. How much time wasted moving apps between Dev/QA/UAT environment.

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This would be a nice win with powerapps and its ability to have some level of CI/CD. Maybe consider timing this with the release of the powerapps testing framework enhancement.