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Powerapps Snowflake Connector

THE VISION: Direct connector from Powerapps to Snowflake DW.


THE MISSION: Not actually a new idea, as per the post in the Flow uservoice in *2018*:  Snowflake Connector 

And then again, with no response other than "Do it yourself" earlier this year: Snowflake Connection to Powerapps 

PowerBI has accessed it since 2016:

Snowflake Data Warehouse is even on Azure: See attached!


THE GOAL: Please make it available as an in-app data connector to powerapps creators, thankyou.

Status: New
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Any idea when it comes out? 

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This would be really helpful!

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Hello , anyone knows a workaround for this? Powerapps + snowflake

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I don't understand why Microsoft is taking so long to support this in Power Apps. As a solution provider, this allows me to incorporate Power Apps nicely into my ecosystem. Without this, I simply will defer to other options.

We need this for yesterday! Please make it happen!

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This is an area where there aren't a lot of options, and it seems to me that it would be advantageous for Microsoft to support Snowflake connectivity with Power Apps.

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My team and I have a come up with a short term solution while the Snowflake connection is not native in PowerApps.

Reasonably quick to set up and only need an Azure account in addition to Snowflake and PowerApps.

Hope this helps.

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that is a great piece of work @Alejandrogav118 !

I did a similar approach, but using AWS lambdas that read the source of power apps (excel, **bleep** I know ) and update Snowflake. To automate, I created a Power Automate flow that runs the functions based on actions of Add/Update/delete. Works fine, but I'll try to update it your approach =D

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how come after more than 2 years this is still tagged as "New"! come on Microsoft, you can do better than that.

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@helshamy Can they, though?  Just saying, there's a lot of issues I see with more upvotes than this, languishing with no action or response.

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Come on on Microsoft!
Show that you take the question seriously by putting this topic on "under review"

Technically, this does not seem a difficult challenge because there is already a connector from Power BI (read only) and Snowflake itself has various options (ODBC, ODBJ, API, etc) to connect.