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Powerapps Snowflake Connector

THE VISION: Direct connector from Powerapps to Snowflake DW.


THE MISSION: Not actually a new idea, as per the post in the Flow uservoice in *2018*:  Snowflake Connector 

And then again, with no response other than "Do it yourself" earlier this year: Snowflake Connection to Powerapps 

PowerBI has accessed it since 2016:

Snowflake Data Warehouse is even on Azure: See attached!


THE GOAL: Please make it available as an in-app data connector to powerapps creators, thankyou.

Status: New
New Member

This would provide some valuable and actionable solutions for our company - upvoted and hope this creates some headway!

New Member

Surely this is a "no brainer" as Power BI can connect to Snowflake! Let's make this happen Microsoft!

Responsive Resident

PLEASE! (And don't make it premium! 🤣)

Frequent Visitor

Bump. Is there any progress on this?

New Member

Really need to have this, the sooner the better!

New Member

I also want it. Is there any update on this?


New Member

For us this is really important connection. Can this be please prioritized?

New Member

Can we connect snowflake to powerapps ?  or Is there alternative option to connect through custom connector ?

Regular Visitor

Please prioritize this connector. Business critical at this point.

Advocate I

Please Please prioritise this, Snowflake connector would be game changer