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Powerapps attached pictures saved in user's onedrive instead of owner's onedrive

When we use a Datasource as OneDrive Excel and use a image field in that file. this APP is created by owner but many users of the domain use it, when they fill the form all relevent details being captured in the excel located at onedrive folder of App owner.


Issue is that when a user adds a picture/image in form path of file saves in connetect field of onedrive excel file but actualy file saves in Users's onedrive whereas owner require it to be saved it his onedrive Image folder.


Due to this users complaints that they have attached the required picutres and they are able to see it as well but when owner want to collate the excel data and pictures associated to the data he is not able to access those pictures as those are not stored on his onedrive folder whereas stored on user's onedrive.


Please help and give a option in coding or somewhere else where owner can choose onedrive folder where all attchments should be saved, if require owner can give access of that folder as well to the users using the app like he has given for the onedrive excel.


attachment name comes very much encoded type users should have option to save a file with his desired name.


Also i  saw the idea under review where a onedrive excel file should be given a APP only access so  that users should not be able to change file directly thru onedrive.   

Status: New