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Powerapps offline capability to store more records in local cache

Event organizers use power apps at onsite in order to record the attendance of a VIP in the event. For this, they should have the list of attendees in the app, so that they can quickly search for the attendee as soon as they spot them at onsite. The number of guests for an event may vary from 1000 until 25000 depending of the type of the event.

At onsite, it is quite often that they have very poor internet connection or no connectivity at all. This is why it is difficult for them to use powerapps.

Microsoft introduced offline capability for keeping the records in local cache, but this local cache is very limited. It is adviced to have only few records to keep in the local cache.

As the app needs to provide search functionality, it is essential to have all the records (at least names and couple of additional info) of VIP in the local cache. From the Size perspective 2MB would be enough to store all the data, but at present it looks like only upto 500 records can be stored in local cache

Status: New