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Powerapps "knows" to which O365 it belongs being added as a Tab to Teams

Aim is to "re-use" one single app - to be added into each created new O365 group and being attached as a Tab in a Channel of a Team.


Challenge: as the app is not stored itself in teams- - it does not know to which team it belongs. So any filter or search "team based" is not possible.


E.g. you have a Sharepoint list showing all Regions  - -stored centrally and you would like to filter by Region

Each Region has a seperate Team. So if the app would have a kind of environment variable for itself - it would be possible to "only show" regional figures by default - -no manual region selection needed.


Is it possible to get a "TeamsTab" Varialbe or kind of flag at starttime which can be "read" from within the app itself once started?

Status: New