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Premium Connector - Unfair

I think Microsoft is not doing a fair thing here.  I am a big fan of PowerApps. We have expanded our Applications to a very great extent in our Firm. We used SQL SERVER Connector and loved it. 


Microsoft should have given a hint that it would make it premium. We have E3 licence and still cannot use SQL CONNECTOR. 


Now we need to separately invest for powerApp Plan which is unfair.


We have decided to move away from PowerApps only because of this issue. Can Microsoft allow SQL Connectors for E3 Licence?

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Yeah, that seems like bait & switch to me if there was no indication that it would eventually be switched to premium.

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I mean, you already paid for the SQL license. Probably running on a Windows Server as well. 


How many ways can they charge you for access to your same information? The answer is "always more".

Microsoft is notorious for punishing you for adopting their systems. 

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I'm in the process of rebuilding a "tool" that was made in Excel with a load of vbscript using PowerApps, but due to the lack of SQL connector it really seems like leaving it on Excel is a superior solution due to data limits and delegation.

There doesn't seem to be a good solution for interacting with medium-large datasets (2000+) due to the nature of delegation and dataset sizes. The options are:

* Excel (OneDrive connector) - limited to 2000 rows

* SharePoint list - automatically updating data in the background is going to be a nightmare

* SQL - ideal but locked behind premium

* CDS - ideal but locked behind premium


SQL connector is a critical piece of the PowerApps platform, it really should be included in E3 or bundled differently.

Impossible to justify the price for just this component.


And beyond that, this bait-and-switch makes me hesitant to even do any development on PowerApps at all - what if next year Microsoft decides to unbundle PowerApps from the E3 license?

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Agree, this bait and switch caused me to completely rethink the way I was approaching development of robust, middle tier apps in our large organization, right in the middle of developing multiple apps of course.... (This was a long time ago and I'm over it now mostly, let me just stop using SQL, we didn't move to azure like they wanted us to). The fact that a standard app feature such as sending notifications is a premium feature now is also disappointing.


It's as if whenever they get some really awesome functionality, with tons and tons of use cases, they just can't help themselves from trying to monetize it at such a granular level that it completely drives everyone away from being able to use it.

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Who are we eventually.. We can say whatever we wants, Microsoft just won't listen !!

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Microsoft has never given a rat's ass about the small customer; why start now? SQL Server as premium in the small business will kill Power Apps in that community. But, as someone else stated, they don't know how to listen to suggestion so expect no changes...

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I agree wholeheartedly. We store hundreds of thousands of records in Microsoft SQL databases. I was looking forward to writing Power Apps to access that data to (1) relieve the burden of data requests from our SQL developers and (2) develop attractive user-friendly self-service apps for users to query data.


We're already paying for 300 E3 licenses plus about 10 E5 licenses. We are a small company and simply cannot afford the SQL premium connector. In a word, this SUCKS.



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Looking at other forms now like Nintex, which has a nicer UI anyway for desktop forms.