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Preserve layout of toggle and checkbox when in viewmode

When a toggle or a checkbox is used on form which is in viewmode, the controls are also in viewmode which is of course want we want. But the layout of these controls changes.

For both a toggle and acheck box, in edit mode it is very clear if the value is true (selected) or false (not selected).

 image.pngin edit mode

But in view mode this is by default replaced with text:

image.pngin view mode

In a form with many toggles / checkboxes this can become confusing for the user because it is visually less clear if a value is selected or not. 

It would be nice when in view mode the layout remains but the possibility to change the value is disabled.

Status: New
Memorable Member

Totally agree on this. I (and my customers) find this a bit disturbing in terms of UI...