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Press enter to submit

Want users to be able to hit [Enter] to submit an action.


Use case: building a chatbot, I want to be able to hit enter when I've finished typing, just like in any chat UI.


Instead the user currently has to click the button.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Please add this feature! This is one of those UX features that make it feel like a real web app if implemented.

Level 8

please do... my boss want this features.... 

Level: Powered On

I was able to get this to work, although it isn't the cleanest solution. I have a single line text input field for my text entry. When you press enter, this triggers the OnChange property of the text field. This then can trigger actions in other objects and add text to another field, like a chat.

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how do you do that?


please teach me... 

Level 8

@chargoyle that's genius!