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Prevent users from using (Android) back button.

I have an app that has a series of questions depending on the catagory the user selects from a screen. This also creates a time stamp value so that when the user answers the question the timestamp is used for the relationship. I was testing my app on my cell phone (samsung android)  and I was able to use the phones back button to move back to previous forms that I wouldnt want the user to be able to do. Is there a way to prevent users from using thier phones back buttons to move backwards on the applicaiton?

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I am using powerapps for students to practice study questions. I was considering creating a competition for extra credit, but the answer is displayed prior to the next screen loading and students can return to the previous screen to enter the correct answer. I would like to keep the format of the app the same so students can learn as they practice. I think that it makes sense to have the back function, but maybe allowing users to deactivate it or modify the action would be useful?

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JSchmidt, I think that when developing the app there should be a choice to prevent the hardware backbutton to move back to a previous form. I think that someone could do a double entry of the same record on the app that I have. I am not sure if this is an Android only problem or does other devices have a back button.

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Hi jlc, I'm an Android user as well, so I can't provide any additional insight regarding other devices.

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Hey guys, bit of an odd one related to this, we've just developed an app for keeping track of clients and the 3 people who use it have samsung android phones, 2 S7s and a J5. The back button on the J5 and one of the S7s (not mine) takes the user back to the last screen they were on after a transition (great, this is exactly what we want) however on my S7, the back button just tries to close the app. we're all on the same version of powerapps, the only difference in the devices is that mine runs nova launcher and swiftkey rather than the samsung keyboard and touchwiz which the other two run (I've tried changing back and had no luck in getting the back button to work) any one know what could be causing this weird behaviour?

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There is already another (several) post for this idea.  I suggest you use the post with the most votes to cast your vote for the next release.