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Print a form

There should be an easy function that can be added to a form to allow the user to print the form with the data as seen on the screen.  My first app is for accounting and they need to print it and file it for auditors.  I have them using snip it now.  I would think the ability to print would be something others would want to without all the crazy ways I've read about.  Should be easy 

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if you are operating in a canvas app and start your app on full screen in your browser, you can just use your browsers print functionality.

Is this not what you need?



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When my powerapp form comes up it takes up 3/4 of the screen and I see no option to make it full screen.  If I click print it prints limited text.


I see no option to make the form take up the full screen?

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This functionality would be nice. I had to create HTML version of the form and send that to Power Automate to create a PDF that opens in a separate tab ready for printing.