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Print on SharePoint Custom Form

So today the Print function currently doesn't work on mobile devices and on SharePoint custom forms and I think this should change.


The work of creating a flow to generate a document that you have to download, check and print doesn't have the same efficiency then open an SharePoint item that show you a preview of a page on a SharePoint custom form built-in Power Apps that let's you check and print ride away.


What's the advantage of print function if it only lives within Power Apps?


Cannot Print on SharePoint Custom Form 

Status: New
Advocate I

Printing is such basic functionally from a user's perspective, so while it might not be that easy to implement, the software isn't complete without it.

I was able to create HTML to print, but this took hours instead of what should have taken a few seconds.

Advocate II

It's so frustrating to have added this to an app, tested it successfully in the preview mode and then it doesn't work at all in the published form. If MS are looking to replace InfoPath with PowerApps, they really ought to include the full print function in the SharePoint Integration.