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As this is designed for ENTERPRISE, printing from the within the APPS will make PowerApps superior to Excel and even ERP / SAP system.
If ONENOTE can be accomplished (for printing) after our request, why not PowerApps.


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Hi everyone,

The first release includes a new Print function in canvas apps, to be used on any screen, and when used will take the contents of the screen and open it in the browser’s default print dialog to enable selecting the available printer, or saving to PDF options. We are also working on screen templates that will help you to author this content. Initially we will only support this on the web, but it will be extended to support mobile devices. Things are trending well with the dev effort, with the roll out starting the end of February, with availability across all regions coming mid March.

The second phase of this work will be to introduce a function that enables saving a screen as a PDF in the app. This will allow compatibility to leverage Power Automate flows to do many of the events such as saving it somewhere, sending an email and other common actions. This is currently still in progress, and we can provide an update in the next few weeks.


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Sorry but the PowerApps Staff Solution is a bit of a misdirection to me.  PowerAps was initiallly sold as a low code solution for mobile applications.  Printing solutions presented so far meet none of that expectation. The fact it has grown into a useful PC tool seems to now be distracting from it prime purpose.  A user of a moble app needs to be able to print a label, receipt, report on the spot.  It needs to be able to connect to mobile EFTPOS terminals.  Not return from the field and take further actions. I think you have lost the vision and focussing on users being on a PC.  It is time to recognise that the PC is becoming obsolete in prefence to mobile systems.  In 2014 I purchased a Microsoft Phone when they went down that path after buyng Nokia.  It had Windows 10 and I could connect a keyboard and monitor to that phone and it then became a PC.  Adding PowerApps to that nealy gave me teh complete solution, but printing f'cked that idea. Unplug and take it anywhere  To me it was way ahead of its time on the market.  Maybe too far as you cannot buy a Microsoft phone anymore.  

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@CWesener @Emma @Tasha_S 


Any update or still indefinite limbo?


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Any update for us on the printing functionality?


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@Emma @CWesener Any updates for the community on the second phase of the printing functionality? 

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I guess this known limitation is here to stay: "The Print function currently doesn't work on mobile devices and on SharePoint custom forms."? . We have over 80 SharePoint lists with custom forms, but no way to print them..

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Thank you all - we definitely hear how important this capability is and appreciate everyone's thoughts and voices on how this capability could be used. We're working on it, and plan to release Export to PDF for both web and mobile in Q2 2022.

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@Tasha_S There was also a talk of integrating Power BI Paginated reports in Power Apps. Any news on this? 

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A PDF printing custom PCF component can be built in the meantime, but there's a learner's curve if you're working with the JavaScript libraries like jsPDF. Also, using Power Automate gets the job done too, but I'm not a fan of all the hopping around.


I look forward to Microsoft rolling out this feature (Especially the ability to print multiple pages - hopefully based on a gallery, scrolling canvas or form's contents). 

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@Emma @CWesener 2Q is here!


Any update on the release date of the Export to PDF functionality?

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Thanks for checking in here! We are working on it, and currently still tracking a Q2 delivery timeframe. We will update here soonest when there's more news!