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As this is designed for ENTERPRISE, printing from the within the APPS will make PowerApps superior to Excel and even ERP / SAP system.
If ONENOTE can be accomplished (for printing) after our request, why not PowerApps.


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Hi everyone,

The first release includes a new Print function in canvas apps, to be used on any screen, and when used will take the contents of the screen and open it in the browser’s default print dialog to enable selecting the available printer, or saving to PDF options. We are also working on screen templates that will help you to author this content. Initially we will only support this on the web, but it will be extended to support mobile devices. Things are trending well with the dev effort, with the roll out starting the end of February, with availability across all regions coming mid March.

The second phase of this work will be to introduce a function that enables saving a screen as a PDF in the app. This will allow compatibility to leverage Power Automate flows to do many of the events such as saving it somewhere, sending an email and other common actions. This is currently still in progress, and we can provide an update in the next few weeks.


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So, we're looking at a bunch of requests that will help improve overall usefulness and usability.  Printing is definitely on the list.  There are a lot of things on the the list though.  Appreciate the ping.  

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This idea has been posted two years ago. Well, technically, around 22 months ago but still. Are you guys going to post a timeline or a list of planned features at some point? I know you guys keep using the excuse "We want to keep things agile" or something (I don't really know what that is or why that is relevant) but this lack of communication is getting really annoying. Even an update saying like "We hit roadblocks. This planned feature is going to be delayed" is better than this silence you guys are maintaining. 


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Thank you ever so kindly for responding to @Anonymous's tag of yourself. Do you know how far down the list this request is, because it doesn't seem like it's top priority at Microsoft?


If you yourself don't know this answer, will you tag someone at Microsoft who does?


Thank you!

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It would be great to have a control that could be flexible-height container for the content you want to print and print-preview.

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@mr-dang --

Yeah. With that, we can just build the report/page we want to print in PA and pass it on to the printer/user. 

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@LanceDelano --

What a wonderful response that was! So clear. So unambiguous. It answered all our questions! 


Apologies for the rudeness and sarcasm but IMHO, you couldn't have given a more useless response. Yeah. It's in your timeline but that timeline could have been 10 years long for all we know. You could have equivalently said we're planning to do some stuff with PA but we're not really sure what those things are yet. The dev team is stringing its potential users along and it's really not great of you guys to do that. Again, if I had not ranted about this in this community a lot, communication is key. At least publish a rough timeline. Okay, maybe not even a timeline but a list of ongoing projects. What is it with the dev team and ambiguity? 


So? Printing. Is it going to be in PA in the near future or not?


And before you go all righteous about how you guys are busy and whatnot, I would just like to point out that I'm getting angry and frustrated on behalf of the other users. I've mentioned before that I'm leaving PA but the apps I've made will stay a little longer. I just want the next guy to replace me and work with PA have better experiences than I did. Get your stuff together.

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Inability to print a decent looking form is a deal breaker for us implementing PowerApps

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an update on this please! give us a sign... any sign...

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I support this idea. Is there any update this topic ?