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As this is designed for ENTERPRISE, printing from the within the APPS will make PowerApps superior to Excel and even ERP / SAP system.
If ONENOTE can be accomplished (for printing) after our request, why not PowerApps.


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Status: Started

Thanks everyone - to expand on Emma's reply below on the various types of "printing" that were identified in our recent survey, and the report capabilities already available in CDS, we are beginning engineering work for Canvas App export to PDF and are planning to release this functionality in February 2021. We understand this feature is hotly anticipated and are excited to get this underway. As soon as we can make early preview or experimental features available we will and will continue to provide updates on this idea, and on our blog.


Thank you to all the members of our community that have voted, provided feedback and been patient as we work to get this work underway.

Helper I
Helper I

I need it urgently, please. My clients keep asking me this function!

New Member

How is this still "in the pipeline" 3 years down the line? I find this extremely difficult to swallow and feel a meaningful update on the progress of this should be delivered.


Please Microsoft, let us know what is happening and give us a roadmap for release?

Advocate II

Nearly 3 years after the suggestion and not a peep about the progress until a survey was posted last week.  Seriously?   Sometimes I really wonder what Microsoft was thinking with PowerApps given the number of blatantly obvious features which aren't implemented.  Do you guys EVER talk to your customers?  How could you NOT implement some sort of printing functionality, even if it resulted in printing from the browser directly?  You guys should've just kept moving forward with InfoPath.


The existing "workarounds" to print something are too time intensive for me to implement for large forms.  My client is not happy, and neither am I.    



Advocate II

It has been 3 years now.  Is there any update on this?

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I found an ok workaround....I create the form in MS Word - center everything on the page in tables.  Save the doc as an HTML doc.  Add the fields to the HTML in appropriate table cells, save the HTML doc contents in an HTML text field on the PowerApp form.  When the user opens an existing PowerApp record and selects "Print" I run a Flow that saves the HTML doc to a library and then launches it.  I put a print button on the HTML form.  It's not elegant, but from a user's perspective they request a print from the PowerApp form, the form opens in a browser with a print button, they print and viola!


Still want a solution from MS as this was not an easy workaround.

Helper I
Helper I

Please keep us update. I would like to use it on April and this is very important for us!

Resolver III

@Mh2 There is no way this will be ready for April. I think you would be lucky to look at June.

I would suggest looking into the suggestion above you to import a template table and fill it via flow.

Advocate I

June would work, but we need it confirmed.

Advocate V
Advocate V

Powerapps team, please give us some update on the status. Urgently need to print. What's up?

Regular Visitor

This is such a desperatley needed function!!!! I just spend 3 days selling in powerapps to management and building a complex form and now have hit a brick wall because there is no easy way to print.  They will 100% decline this new proccess and I will look stupid for not checking. Glad to see this in progress but i honestly believe this should be #1 priority in the pwoerapps team. Yes i have seen the html workarounds but when you have a very large dynamic form this is not an option