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Process Stage attribute shows up as a GUID instead of a Lookup

Author Name: Paul Maré

The Process Stage field (StageId) added to entities like Lead, Opportunity etc. presents the current process stage as a raw Guid. This makes it impossible to dashboard for example Opportunities by Process Stage, or to add Process Stage to views. These are high priority business requirements that can not be delivered at the moment. Furthermore any JavaScript code relying on the current Process Stage can not easily process the raw Guid value.

This field should be presented like any other Lookup field. I believe this is a serious defect that should be addressed quickly before we have a proliferation of bad script starting to proliferate.

Status: Declined
Regular Visitor
Status changed to: Declined
Regular Visitor
Thanks for the feedback. Currently Process Stage isn't made to be exposed and used on the form yet. We'll be thinking about this for the future. Thanks