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Proper looping capabilities

On a number of occasions I have encountered the need to implement a loop to perform a series of actions multiple times. PowerApps not having any looping capabilities aside from ForAll makes this very tricky. I have used the timer workaround, but it is a hack at best, and very inefficient.


Even the fact that the ForAll loop doesn't allow you to set temporary variables is an issue. Most of the time when looping, you may want to act upon whatever you are looping through, but you will also want to set temporary variables so that you can trigger other code. Both definite (e.g. For) and indefinite (e.g. While) looping should be available.


As an example, I have implemented a few Booking systems where my code needed to check for potential double bookings prior to submission. Doing this without proper looping is extremely difficult.

Status: New
Advocate I

So, is there something preventing you from creating a flow to handle the looping logic? It seems like maybe Power Automate would be better suited to handle that part of your app. 


Advocate II

Yes, I need to filter based upon SharePoint lookup columns which Power Automate cannot handle (I did try). Also, the loops often need a lot of information from the app so I would need to pass through a lot of inputs to the flow.