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Properly filter SharePoint Yes/No column.

There is a well known "bug" when working with SharePoint list Yes/No column :

The Yes/No value can not be compare to boolean type true/false. 


Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = true) will not return all the items with a Yes value .


The workaround is to use 1 or 0:

Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = 1)

This will return all items with a true value, but the designer shows an error because we are comparing a boolean to a number. 


It would be great to fixe that, as a Yes/No column is indeed a boolean value, we need to be able to compare that to a boolean value in PowerApps. 



Status: New

Apologies resetting this status. Adding @GregLi and @Emma to update with accurate status. Both TopShelf ad Audrie-MSFT are not longer able to provide an update for Power Apps ideas. @GregLi & @Emma please provide inputs and/or comments. Thank you.

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So this was logged almost a year ago and still seems to be a bug.

You might also note that 

Filter(source, YesNoColumn=false)

Doesn't return an error, it just doesn't work - the edit form however seems quite happy reading and saving this value as a boolean, so after spending two weeks working on an app, when I get to the screen that requires this filtering functionality - I only see now it doesn't actually work. 
Based on the delegation issues of the workarounds, I now have to go back to my source and rewire my app to use text columns instead - and any piece of code and form that references this column, and my PBI dashboards, AND my flows.

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@Audrie-MSFT  - does a bug have to have a lot of votes to be fixed?

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This seems to be a bug to me as well. It has said "Planned" since 2017, and it is now August of 2019, with no changes. Any updates on the implementation of this fix from @microsoft?

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I can't even believe we need to raise this as an 'idea' to improve PowerApps. This is a BUG, and needs to be fixed quickly.


The inconsistency in handling Yes/No fields in PowerApps formulas makes it almost impossible to use those fields. A Filter operation that was working fine with (SharePoint column) 'Active=true', suddenly stopped working when another condition was added to the filter. In fact it started selecting items matching the opposite condition, i.e. 'Active=false'.


Changing it to 'Active=1' gives an incompatible type comparison warning, yet works sometimes. Changing it to 'Active<>0' also works only sometimes, particularly when multiple conditions are combined. And of course it gives a delegation error. All these are serious but basic bugs.


@Audrie-MSFT Is there any sort of ETA for fixing this?

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@Anonymous Could you help @rjgeeky with this question? or Redirect to someone who would be able to estimate if a change is planned please?


Thank you for your patience,


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Yeah, this one seems a beyond silly to STILL be in the backlog.  So, @Anonymous can you give an answer on timeline...and take some pressure off @Audrie-MSFT, please?

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Why this double standard still exists? Why we are shown an error where it should work? It has been over a year since this bug has been reported...

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My position with this issue now:


- Filter(SharpointList, YNColumn=false)
…. works properly and is delegable


-Filter(SharpointList, YNColumn=true)

…. doesen't show any error, but shows the "false records", it is delegable and the delegation works

- Filter(SharpointList, YNColumn=0)
…. works properly, is delegable, but shows error "not compatible"

- Filter(SharpointList, YNColumn=1)
…. works properly, is delegable, but shows error "not compatible"

- Filter(SharepointList, YNColumn<>0)
…. works properly for 500, not delegable

- Filter(SharepointList, Text(YNColumn)=true) 
…. shows only delegation error, but does not work at all


-Filter(sharpointLinst, Text(YNColumn)="Yes")

…. shows only delegation error, but does not work at all

- Filter(ShaprointList, YNColumn.Value=1)
…. does not work


I don't know, if it makes any difference, but I am coding in Austria.

I hope, this list gives a contribution to the fixing of this bug.


Thank you for all hints, to use "1" instead of "true" saved my work!!!

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Hey everyone,

This worked for me - Filter(ShaprointList, YNColumn.Value="Yes")

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Since Microsoft chooses to keep hiring utterly incompetent programmers, a workaround is to eliminate use of the broken Yes/No list value type and just use a numeric field with a range of 0 to 1 and with 0 digits to the right of the decimal point - then use a simple numeric comparison in filters (0=false, 1=true).

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We should open a gofundme fundraising campaign to buy a birthday cake for this "idea" and send it to MS so they can fix such an annoying issue.