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Properly filter SharePoint Yes/No column.

There is a well known "bug" when working with SharePoint list Yes/No column :

The Yes/No value can not be compare to boolean type true/false. 


Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = true) will not return all the items with a Yes value .


The workaround is to use 1 or 0:

Filter(SPList,YesNoColumn = 1)

This will return all items with a true value, but the designer shows an error because we are comparing a boolean to a number. 


It would be great to fixe that, as a Yes/No column is indeed a boolean value, we need to be able to compare that to a boolean value in PowerApps. 



Status: New

Apologies resetting this status. Adding @GregLi and @Emma to update with accurate status. Both TopShelf ad Audrie-MSFT are not longer able to provide an update for Power Apps ideas. @GregLi & @Emma please provide inputs and/or comments. Thank you.

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Annoying that this bug still persists! I'm switching to a numeric column where applicable!

@Emma @GregLi @LanceDelano 

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Today, filtering a gallery with true/false on a yes/no column still does not work.


If you want to get rid of the delegation warning, replace yes/no with number columns.


I did what was suggested before and use number columns instead. 1 for true, 0 for false. It's delegatable too. Takes a little work to redo all my yes/no columns, but i don't see this being fixed any time soon.

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Has something changed?  I took the filter out and returned all values.  In PowerApps some of them display as, "false", some as, "true", even though in SharePoint they display as, "Yes", or, "No".  So they are being treated as quasi Boolean.  But I still can't filter them by comparing them to the value of a Yes/No toggle on the App screen so maybe no different

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Any updates on this? Been a couple years now! FYI just using the value works too. (ie) You have a boolean Yes/No SP field called Active in an Employee llist. You can Filter like: Filter(Employee, Active). That has been working for me and no delegation issues.

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Yes, great some workarounds work but please just fix!

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I tested Yes/No = false, not work.

Yes/No <> true, worked, and worked for both empty and false value.

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I am also suffering from this issue, I've tried the
Filter(SPList, YNColumn = "true")  this didnt work for me.


I've used this:

Patch('Barcodes - Test',

    First( Filter('Barcodes - Test', Right(Text(BarcodeScanner2.Value),8)=SerialCode, ReceiveCheck="No")),


Still getting delegation warning, what's the issue? why it's not fixing up?

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Suddenly I started experiencing the same issue last week. Before, it worked fine...

Using 1 and 0 works for now, thanks for sharing the workaround!

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With these samples I didn't get a delegation warning, and it is always a good thing to regulate the result returned in case of large lists:


Filter(FirstN('Your Data', 100), YesNoField)
Filter(FirstN('Your Data', 100), Not(YesNoField))


TIP: The comparison on the YesNo field is unnecessary, because the value itself is true or false. The following samples will work as well, but I recommend to use this only with smaller lists:


Filter('Your Data', YesNoField)
Filter('Your Data', Not(YesNoField))


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@microsoft , @Emma , @GregLi : Please finally fix this.