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Protect Solution Component Code/Logic/Formulas if its AppSource Offer is a "Microsoft Preferred Solution"

Currently, the components of any app downloaded through AppSource can be edited by going into the solution package or by tracking down the components' locations, even for managed solutions. This means that the source code/logic/formulas used for any of the components (such as Power Apps or Power Automate flows) can be accessed by administrators. This means that any user could theoretically download an app, rebuild their own version using the source code/logic, and re-sell the app to others. This could scare off potential users of the AppSource platform since there would always be an inherent risk of piracy for their proprietary work.


Please see the attached images.


My idea is as follows: if an offer on the AppSource marketplace is examined by a team of Microsoft experts and granted the Microsoft Preferred Solution badge, the app owner should have the ability to prevent all source code/logic/formulas from being viewed (perhaps by preventing components from being directly edited). The badge should make this reasonable since Microsoft has verified that there is no malicious code/logic/formulas within the solution, which means that the customers should have peace of mind and have no need to go into edit mode. All data source references and connections should be handled through environment variables that the client would set during (or shortly after) app installation.

Status: New