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Provide API for Creating Apps

Powerapps has the capability to automatically create a phone app.  There must be some API to do this.  Provide the API so users can automatically create phone and tablet apps with specific formatting and naming.   I would like a C# interface but others are ok. 

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I was hust enrterin the same idea when I saw yours. 


Would be good to be able to generate apps with our own colors/fonts/naming standards.


Would be great if we could create a generator that lets users select multiple lists/tables from Sharepoint/sql azure, generated screens for them and an overall menu.


Would be a fun project to work on if there wer such an API!


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to extend the idea: SOme people want to switch from Access to the newer world but the massive amount of existing forms - which all had to be recreated manually - stops / prevent the users from switching, so a semi-automated creation of "old" Access-forms within powerapps would be most helpful and appreciated. 

mfg Klaus Obd