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Provide Configuration to Hide Entities from Advanced Find Searching

Author Name: Luke Magnus

Create an attribute to prevent an entity from being searchable in Advanced Find.

Enterprise customers have very large databases, sizes in the hundreds of GBs to a TB. Even with archiving strategies in place, these databases have sizeable record counts. Advanced Find has been designed to enable users the ability to search any field of any entity. While this is beneficial, enabling users to search entities that may have hundreds of millions of records is not desirable. This is prone to creating system performance degradation.

Training can only go so far, and that is not a solution. Removing all the fields from being searched is not a solution, because a user then is issuing blanket SELECT * statements against an entity frm Advanced Find.

Another example is when creating system entities for configuration. These entities are needed for underlying application behavior, but no end user needs to see these entities in Advanced Find, or search them. They do need the ability for underlying plugins to consume data for business rule application; but there is no need for searching these entities. xRM enables customers and partners to model complex solutions, generating hundreds of entities, and not all these entities should not be exposed into Advanced Find. The list becomes cluttered and confusing to end users.

Please allow for entities to be marked as Eligible for Advanced Find. There exist considerations on various lookups, but that is a different angle to the problem, and less onerous.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Ack. I cannot edit this. Title ought to read: Provide Configuration to Remove Entities from Advanced Find -Luke
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Thank you for your suggestion. We are already considering this suggestion for a future release. Mike Carter This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.