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Provide a better means of re-ordering fields in a form

Currently, the only way to reorder fields in a form is to drag them up or down. While this is somewhat intuitive and seems like a good idea, it's a huge pain when reordering many fields. Also, it's sometimes unreliable.  For example, sometime when you drag a field up or down, then when you move another field, the first one snaps back to its previous position. I've experienced this behavior in Edge (when it decides to not crash on me - another gripe for another time) and Chrome (which seems to be what the vast majority of folks - even Microsoft MVPs and employees - use for PowerApps). 


If you need some inspiration on what a "better means" might look like, this is what is available in the Blackboard Learn LMS. They call this the "keyboard accessible" reordering method. I call it the "elevator button", and it's a lifesaver when you want to move things up or down on a page, particularly when doing so would involve the page content scrolling. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put something like this in PowerApps. Heck, I'd even settle for something like the control for reordering columns in a modern list view. But the current mechanism is driving me insane.



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@ChadVKealeythis would be awesome, and is an excellent suggestion.  Ordering of datacards in general is buggy in general (see


Even if you put logic in the "Y" property to specifically set the order, it frustratingly gets overwritten in the designer:

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The recent (December-ish?) update to PowerApps seems to have introduced a slightly more reliable drag & drop reordering mechanism, so the situation is better. It's not perfect, but still getting used to it.

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It seems as if the PowerApp Form is connected to a SharePoint List directly, then yes ordering of fields as mentioned above is a pain. What I found helped a bit was ordering the fields in the SharePoint List (that the powerapp form is attached to), helps when I order it in the PowerApp form.

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This is really needed especially since the ordering of the fields determine how they are arranged on the form itself if it's connected to list or library. I wouldn't mind the order much if I can actually arrange my fields how I want on the form visually. 

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And don't forget to allow for custom data cards, too. Sometimes we need to put in headers and labels and things and those need to be laid out nicely as well.

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FWIW, the ordering mechanism in Power Apps has improved GREATLY since I posted this suggestion. Occasionally it's a little glitchy, like when trying to adjust the width of a card by dragging and it just collapses down to 0 pixels wide. But, overall, it's tolerable.