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Provide a color pallet for color controls

I'm new to PowerApps, but it seems that to set the color of anything on a screen (e.g. Color, HoverColor, BorderColor, etc. of a button or text box) you have to code the R,G,B settings.  It would be far easier if you just provided a color picker pallet.  Thanks, Oz [and apologies if I've just not found this]

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@Oz, there are 3 color pickers available, one for the text color, one for the border color and one for the fill color. 
All of them are located under "Home" tab. However there aren't any that I know of to set the other color properties like HoverColor or DisabledColor, which indeed would be nice to have! I usually select the color I want from one of these pickers and copy the RGBA value to the other property. 

To access the available one, just clik on the item you want to edit (I will exemplify with a text input) and then under "Home" tab click on each property you want to edit: