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Provide a simple way to rename variables

Often I will copy the contents of a screen into a new app which may use variables for some of the functionality.  The variables are valid but the context, and therefore the name, are different.  Currently, I go through each occurrence and manually rename it.  It would be great to click View > Variables, choose the variable, and rename it.  This screen already knows the definition, uses, and indirect uses.

Status: New
Kudo Collector

Not only local variables, we also need this for global variables and collections.

Kudo Kingpin

I would love this ability! This could be accomplished with a "find and replace" option, but since all the variables are already listed on their own page, this seems easy to implement. A fantastic idea for collections as well

Super User

It's easy to rename variables with Power Apps new find and replace feature.  Check out the link below for instructions on how to do it. 

Rename Variables In Power Apps With 1-Click

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