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Provide ability to name a connection with a Custom Name

When you add, let's use a SharePoint Connection as an example in a Trade Restricted Scenario.

We need to be able to add a custom name or description about the connection,

What the connection is being used for. There should also be a way to look up what other apps use this connection within the Power Apps Studio.

The ability to switch the connection over to a more appropriate connection should also be available in the Power Apps Studio.


The current connection name is always in the format 




This name cannot be changed.


It would be more useful to be able to add a description of the connection.




Description: To be used for Trade Restricted Entities Only.

or NOT To be used for Trade Restricted Entities,

Should ONLY be used in App 1 & App 2.


The problem is you can add an existing Connection or new connection but there are no details when adding to your Power App about the connection, what other apps are using this connection, the details are only available in the Environment panel.


Secondly there is no way I've found to rename the connection. 

It's actually too easy in my opinion to add connections that have the same name.


Why is this important?


You've been asked to create an app for another group in your company, this could be a group that is deemed Trade Restricted.

When you need to transfer ownership and you only want to transfer a connection that is only connected to their data sources.


But given the naming of the connection, it would very easy for someone to unintentionally include a connection in the app that is also used in several other apps. These apps may be connected to data sources that should never be shared with Trade Restricted Entities.


You can add owners but you will be presented with the following message:

"Owners of the flow will have full access to all connections in the flow and the content within the connected accounts"


So therefore the way I read this is that the new owner can also add this connection in another app and access data sources used by apps that use the same connection, this could be data sources that they, The Trade Restricted Entity, should not be able to access.


 This is not only a Security Risk, but it is most likely a violation of company policies and possibly some laws if you share certain data with Trade Restricted Entities.


Status: New
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Kudo Kingpin

I did not fully understand this at first and even though I still think this is important!


When you export the app, you can specify that the app when imported by someone else must be created as a New App and that all the connections must be recreated by the creator who is importing your app.


This way, the connections will be created in their environment with their credentials and not the credentials of the original creator.

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This is hugely important for organizations which are looking to develop multiple applications within a single environment or build complex applications which access multiple data elements using the same connector.