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Provide support for Project Online Project Detail Pages

PowerApps are not currently supported on Project Detail Pages.

Many things don't work on Project Detail Pages (particularly DataTables) with some browsers (Particularly IE)

the official response from the Product Team is PowerApps is only supported on sharepoint 'Modern' pages, BUT you can't use modern pages as Project Detail Pages. Hence, PowerApps does not support using with Project Online.

Status: New
Power Apps


Sorry but I don't quite understand your questions. Can you please clarify your requirement? Is there support you'd like to add to Project Online connector?



Advocate IV

Hi Linh. I'm not sure how I can make it clearer, but here goes....

  • Project Server uses Project Detail Pages as the UI for users to interact with Project Server
  • Project Detail Pages are just special web pages
  • I would like to add a powerapp to a Project Detail Page (ie embedded in an iframe) as a business app
  • I could do this with a lightswitch app, and it worked fine
  • powerapps do not work properly when embedded on a Project Detail Page
  • Product team says only modern sharepoint pages support powerapps
  • you can embed powerapps in an iframe in a modern page
  • you cannot use modern sharepoint pages as project detail pages

I am suggesting the peoduct team (either powerapps or project server) provide support so that we can user powerapps with Project Server.