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Provide useful "tooltips" on rollover/mouseover of form labels and/or allow supported customisation of them

Author Name: Adam Vero

When fields are added to a form, it is sometimes useful to abbreviate labels so they take less space, especially to remove parts of field names which are redundant in the context of well designed and labelled forms, tabs and sections.

eg in a section labelled "telephone numbers" the fields might only need to read "business", "mobile", "home", "other" without repetition of the words "telephone" and/or "number"

The 'tooltip' which shows up when a user rolls over a label adds no value whatsoever, since it displays exactly the same text as the form label. It would be more useful generally if this showed "Display name (schema_name)" because:
- this could give a slightly more explanatory text, such as the longer display name rather than abbreviated versions

- the display name will match any views, advanced find queries and other instances of the name, so a user can check and have confidence that the field they are interacting with on a form is definitely the one they are using elsewhere, not something just named similarly

- the schema name is more useful for system customisers, admittedly, but also useful for absolute disambiguation in cases of similar names. The display name on its own would be a good start though.

Secondly, allowing the rollover text to be changed directly by a system customiser, just as the label can, would be very powerful to allow additional help, advice, user guidance and other explanatory text to be added when needed.
This would obviously require extension to the xml schema for forms to export / import as solutions. Default should always be to "display (schema)" so if this is not explicitly provided in an old solution it could still be imported without failing the form for not specifying these labels.
Alternatively, an extension to the JScript library to provide a direct supported way to change this tooltip without accessing the DOM directly.

Status: Completed
Regular Visitor
It would be ideal if the tooltips are accessible from the Xrm.Page OM so they can be dynamically adjusted if necessary from a JavaScript
Regular Visitor
One of my recent ideas is to provide a mouse over of a certain attribute to pop-up and show Audit History related to the field. I think it would be great if provided out-of-the-box.
Regular Visitor
Great suggestion (as someone mentioned Salesforce already has this). This would save some end-user training time if the CRM admin can do this for certain fields.
Regular Visitor
We have implemented this functionality in Orion. Right now the text entered in the description field will become the tooltip for fields. thanks Anusha Shankar
Regular Visitor
Except that as implemented only one tooltip is possible displaying the description on the underlying attribute. The attribute may be displayed in several controls and on many forms - each one potentially requiring a different tooltip for the user. Also the underlying description field is often used by system customizers/developers to record how the field is used and this text may not be suitable for normal users.
Regular Visitor
I have already done this elsewhere - if you have access you can see this here: After 2-3 years of neglect by Microsoft I gave up with this particular connect site some time ago. If you are from Microsoft and have access you can see more here:
Regular Visitor
Hi Simon, Thanks for your comment. If you feel that we need to expand on the functionality delivered, i highly recommend that you add a new suggestion. Thanks Shilpa MSFT
Regular Visitor
Hi Simon, This is not in the public site and i would suggest you do that so that we can gauge the votes. I am unable to find the following: Regards Shilpa
Regular Visitor
As a top 10 item on Connect that has been here now for nearly 3 YEARS I disappointed that this still hasn't been full addressed in CRM 2015. [Although marked as fixed only something similar to Adam's first point "Provide useful tooltip" on rollover/mouseover of form labels" was provided in Orion" and not the second "and/or allow supported customisation of them"] What is the point of the new "rapid release cadence" if things like this are continuously ignored?
Regular Visitor
Hi Shilpa, Re this link: It is still there (I just checked) but I guess because of the remarkable candour of the response from MS, (that completely contradicted what everyone including MVPs had been told for many years regarding the best place to submit bugs/suggestions/comments for CRM), it was quickly marked as "private" (even within MS it now seems...). If you are able to get yourself added to the access list you'll see why I haven't bothered adding any new items to the public CRM connect site for several years now.