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Provide useful "tooltips" on rollover/mouseover of form labels and/or allow supported customisation of them

Author Name: Adam Vero

When fields are added to a form, it is sometimes useful to abbreviate labels so they take less space, especially to remove parts of field names which are redundant in the context of well designed and labelled forms, tabs and sections.

eg in a section labelled "telephone numbers" the fields might only need to read "business", "mobile", "home", "other" without repetition of the words "telephone" and/or "number"

The 'tooltip' which shows up when a user rolls over a label adds no value whatsoever, since it displays exactly the same text as the form label. It would be more useful generally if this showed "Display name (schema_name)" because:
- this could give a slightly more explanatory text, such as the longer display name rather than abbreviated versions

- the display name will match any views, advanced find queries and other instances of the name, so a user can check and have confidence that the field they are interacting with on a form is definitely the one they are using elsewhere, not something just named similarly

- the schema name is more useful for system customisers, admittedly, but also useful for absolute disambiguation in cases of similar names. The display name on its own would be a good start though.

Secondly, allowing the rollover text to be changed directly by a system customiser, just as the label can, would be very powerful to allow additional help, advice, user guidance and other explanatory text to be added when needed.
This would obviously require extension to the xml schema for forms to export / import as solutions. Default should always be to "display (schema)" so if this is not explicitly provided in an old solution it could still be imported without failing the form for not specifying these labels.
Alternatively, an extension to the JScript library to provide a direct supported way to change this tooltip without accessing the DOM directly.

Status: Completed
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Status changed to: Completed
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This change would be really, really helpful - I already update the description field for use with the codeplex documentation creation tools so this would be a really quick win for us.
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This is "must needed" and of course our friends at already offer this functionality. We need to get this added.
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I was thinking about creating a new suggestion regarding the same, but then to show the "Description" of the attribute instead of the the schema name. The schemaname is irrelevant for 99% of the end users, the description is useful though. This is customizable as well, so allows customizers to provide the most useful content for this specific CRM implementation.
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Thanks for the comments and support! This suggestion is now in the top ten and rising fast thanks to all the upvotes. Hopefully it may show up at Convergence as a feature request for Just to come back on Ronald's suggested amendment - I thought about description but figured the actual amount of data (text) to be brought across for the description of every field on a form would be unnecessarily high considering many users won't need the tooltips, especially for the more obvious fields. However, I do like the idea that description should probably be a good place to hold more lengthy tooltip text (and not require a schema change since that already exists). Maybe a radio button pair on the form field properties to use display name or description as the tooltip? Or should it be checkboxes for three optional parts - [display name]+[description]+[extra custom text]
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It should be added as an attribute of the field
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If Sharepoint can do it with the Description field in the User Profile it cant be that hard. We used to do kit CRM4 with a ".title" on the attribute in javascript
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We have a ready (managed) solution for that - description of the attribute as tooltip text. Tested so far both with CRM Online and On-Premise (UR7). Multilanguage is supported too.
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To ThTh: Any chance of you sharing your tooltip solution with us please? >> Posted by ThTh on 22/05/2012 at 12:53 AM >> We have a ready (managed) solution for that - description of the attribute as tooltip text. Tested so far both with CRM >> Online and On-Premise (UR7). Multilanguage is supported too.
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This is a must in many scenarios, please consider for