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Public Apps

Currently PowerApps can only be shared within a domain. There have been suggestions about sharing an app outside of a domain, but that still requires a sign-in. I am recommending the ability to share an app publically without any sign-in required for access. It would function like a website.


I can see the potential of using PowerApps to make your own public website. Flows allow you to send emails and get information. You could program buttons to calculate and show what you want it to. These capabilities are not directly possible in a service that makes web-building easy like Square Space. So building it on your own using known Excel-like formulas is an attractive feature.

Status: Under Review
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A good idea!

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I have gone to education-technology conferences where the organizers used Sched or other programmable websites for attendees to navigate their day. I can see how PowerApps would be useful for building quick updatable apps for events. I previously worked in photography and I see potential for building an app for use during a wedding. It seems ludicrous to make an app for a wedding or a one-time event, but I foresee a future where app creation is more casual because PowerApps makes it so easy.

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@mrdang In the meantime, another option for the wedding / photography scenarios - if you are talking about 'scheduling' events would be "Bookings" available to Office 365 Business customers (more here).



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Status changed to: Under Review
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I was playing around with ways to put the username/pw in the URL, but no luck.


Is there any other way of passing a username/password through to bypass logging in?

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@mr-dang Bypassing sign-in via a query string or other mechanisms that may compromise security (or expose credentials during page load) are unsupported by design at this time. However, the potential of sharing outside of the organization with partners and/or other external members is under consideration for our roadmap.


Thank you for your continued feedback and ideas while we continue to enhance our features and services.


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Please keep looking at this. I started building an app, but then found out that this isn't capable. This renders my app 95% useless. I can still use it myself, but I was going to have it expand out so clients could use it.

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If you're looking for forms that can be published to a website with anonymous access, take a look at Plumsail Forms. It allows you to design fully-responsive forms with unique layouts for different devices and publish them to your website. Form submissions can be processed in MS Flow with our connector - send forms by e-mail, save them in SharePoint, upload attachments to document libraries

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 Salesforce allows this, so PowerApps must.

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