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Public Apps

Currently PowerApps can only be shared within a domain. There have been suggestions about sharing an app outside of a domain, but that still requires a sign-in. I am recommending the ability to share an app publically without any sign-in required for access. It would function like a website.


I can see the potential of using PowerApps to make your own public website. Flows allow you to send emails and get information. You could program buttons to calculate and show what you want it to. These capabilities are not directly possible in a service that makes web-building easy like Square Space. So building it on your own using known Excel-like formulas is an attractive feature.

Status: Under Review
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A great idea to make people do more app

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PowerApps Portals? 😺

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@AU  What's happening with this?

The scenario is this:
We want to embed a PowerApp form in a public website. This means that we want anonymous users to be able to access and submit the form app.

We are certainly not alone in needing this functionality.
I'm thinking that the app could run via a service account. But then we need that account to automatically authenticate (and be permanently logged in) so that the anonymous website users do not see a sign-in dialog.

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I'm surprised this has not been implemented yet. It would grow PowerApps userbase exponentially if exposing canvas apps publicly (embed URI onto websites with a silent appsuser authentication) is made possible. Any update on this?