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Published Version Number

It would be useful if the published version number of the app was available as a variable within the app. By displaying in a text field, you then have an immediate and dynamic way of seeing if a user is running the latest version.

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Updating status and adding @GregLi

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Totally agree.  See my idea about extending the App signal to include AppId, WebLink, SessionId, as well as InterpreterVersion (which I think is what you're looking for).


Also note that it is possible to use an MS Flow to get this information.  You'll need to create a Flow with a PowerApps trigger.  In the Flow you'll pull out the request body that was sent to it, and parse it for:


  • x-ms-user-agent - which will contain the PowerApps version and the App ID (called AppName here)
  • x-ms-client-session-id - which will contain the session id for the app

There's also a ton of additional information there like user ID (in x-ms-username, x-ms-user-name-encoded, x-ms-user-email, etc.).


Hope this helps if you need this info in the meantime.


Power Apps Staff
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Updating status and adding @GregLi

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If you are at it: also make the last saved version available (in case the PowerApps has been saved a bunch of times but not published yet).

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Any update to this request?